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TBH Week 51: Hints of swarm intent, but it’s weeks away

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TBH Week 51: Hints of swarm intent, but it’s weeks away

It's been almost a full year since I installed my first package ever. There are now 15 bars back in play. I added a test bar in the middle of the brood area (no.10 position), but it might not be strictly necessary: the last bar (now no.16), currently being built out, looks awfully drone-y to me. One of the proximal brood combs also has a lot of drone brood. I also added a new bar at the no.17 position. The hive's beginning to get crowded already, but no active queen cells yet.

One difference this year: hive beetles are already making an appearance. I found one larva (first sighting ever) and eliminated three adults. The last occurrence was actually pretty funny: I smashed it with my hive tool on one top side edge of the hive, and one of the workers popped up from between the bars and booted the carcass.

Next week, I'll practice looking for eggs. I'm really bad at it!

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