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TBH Week 25: Yes, Virginia, there is a fall flow

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TBH Week 25: Yes, Virginia, there is a fall flow

As the weather cools, I'm spending less time in the hive. Today, with temps around 69F, I pulled combs from the "food" end only until I found uncapped larvae. That also enabled me to gauge food stores, which are improving but not yet winter-ready.

Two weeks ago, I found what I thought was a wet queen cup in supercedure position despite the lateness of the season. I didn't know what to think of that, still don't, but I think it was a false alarm. There was no sign of an emerged queen this week, enough larvae (it's winter-bee time here) to prove a laying queen, and lots of calm bees.

I'm feeding 2:1 syrup, colored red. Not seeing much of it in the combs, so the bees must be consuming it. With food combs filling up however slowly, there must be a fall flow worth something. I'm seeing lots of goldenrod, some native sunflower, and black-eyed susans along the roadsides. Pollen sub not needed: there's a run on Cheeto legs!

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