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3rd swarm on 1 year old hive. Should I be concerned?

So this is my first year with a hive, and they have swarmed 3 times in the last 3 weeks. I am keeping the hive primarily for learning, not honey production. The honey is just a welcome bonus I’ll grab every once in awhile. So if I am not concerned with Indy production, should I…
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Reusing wax month infested frames from last year, w/ picture of a frame

Last year one of my two hives absconded before winter. I noticed signs of robbing, looked inside the hive, took all the frames and hive boxes inside, and cleaned everything up. A lot of the frames had a lot of capped honey, but they also had wax moth. I put the frames in the freezer.…
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Caught my first swarm of the year! Twice!

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Multiple swarms this year already. Need help

I live in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. I was planning on following the 7/10 rule before adding supers but I've just had my second swarm of the year already even though my hives aren't close to fulfilling the 7/10 rule. Should I just go ahead and throw the supers on than? And why would they…
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Bees ascended (first year bee keeper)

So I’m pretty sure my bees ascended, finally had some nice days so I went to check after the long winter. My mite levels were fine when I checked before winter, lots of honey. Huge hive. Honestly I think I was checking on them to much, there were some signs but I thought they were…
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