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can I keep my bees inside a shed year round?

This is my second year bee keeping in Minnesota. Last winter, I lost my hive. I started with a new one this spring, which ended up splitting a few months ago. Both hive are doing extremely well. For this winter, I'm looking at a 6×4 insulated shed to keep them in, safe from the cold,…
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So I have mold on my 1st year hive already?

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First year of bees with SHB infestation before winter

TLDR; since they are winding down on laying new brood for the winter, could I move bees into one box and freeze all frames for one box then move them all back and freeze all the other frames? essentially kill all SHB in each box. So this is my first year keeping bees. We treated…
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Is it alright to preserve combed honey for a year?

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2nd year results

I’m in Minnesota, this is my second year keeping bees. The first year, I got a grand total of about 2lbs of honey. This year, we had a number of setbacks. We had to move our hives twice. Our strongest hive was poisoned, killing 80% of the hive, including the queen. We killed all the…
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