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It’s month 1 of summer here in New Zealand right now, I want to start beekeeping but realise I’m running out of time. Am I too late? The absolute earliest I’d be able to start, assuming everything arrives on time would be two weeks from now.

I’ve been wanting to start keeping bees for a while now, and I’m planning on moving to a new place in about two weeks and starting when I move there. I know a guy in the area selling a couple of nucs as well. The only problem is that I’m an idiotand only just realised…
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Looking for advice on a Christmas gift. Anything at all would be a big help!

Hello everyone, My girlfriend (28 y/o) has been showing some interest in doing some beekeeping at some point in her life but unfortunately she lives in a city right now so I don’t know how feasible it would be for her to dive completely into it at the moment, maybe once she moves out and…
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Are there small plants for me to take care of that would also be interesting to bees?

The title says it all pretty much. I really like the idea of beekeeping and of one day having my own hives but I'm still young and living in my parents house so using our backyard to become a beekeeper is a no no for now. However, I am quite fond of bees and was…
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I made an app to help determine the best time to inspect your hives. Would love to get feedback.

I am the creator of InspectNext, a beekeeping app to help you find the best time to inspect your hives. IOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1524702495 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.honeytech.inspectnext Easily view the Optimal, Viable and Inadvisable inspection times, as well as easy to customize. You are able to specify which exact conditions work for you, then the app will tell…
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Think my hive is dead, but not sure, would love advice.

Hello! This is my first year keeping bees and I'm potentially being too alarmist about over-wintering them. I have a sinking feeling the hive is dead. We've had cold weather over the last few weeks, so I didn't expect to see them, but I've pressed my ear to the hive and can't hear any noise…
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