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Why would the bees build comb like this??

submitted by /u/918egm [link] [comments]

If I have a garden full of native flowers but in a suburban ((Frankston, Vic) yard, would it be possible to have a beehive?

Was thinking we could just accommodate someone else’s hive – they own the bees and do the beekeeping etc but we provide the flowers… is this a thing? submitted by /u/Reidusroo [link] [comments]

Would inside of a cedar tree canopy be a good hive spot?

The cedar is very dense all the way to the ground, so i was thinking if I cut out a section of it facing southeast it would be a good spot, Tree provides a natural windbreak/midday shade as well as keeps snow and rain off but still gets early morning light to warm them up.…
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Why would a hive swarm if there is little to no brood?

After a swarm I went in the hive and noticed very little brood. Scattered. submitted by /u/Steve_mind [link] [comments]

Why would a beekeeper kill bees instead of leaving them?!

I had some bees swarm in my yard yesterday and they settled on a bush in my driveway. I called around and a beekeeper agreed to come collect them today since they were in an inconvenient spot. They said they would just collect them and take them back to their farm. Today I wasn't home…
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How many bee stings would it take to kill an average man?

How many bee stings would it take to kill an average man who is not allergic to bees? submitted by /u/joshuanaaa [link] [comments]

What would you do: double deep, some brood, eggs, and one capped queen cell!?

There is one single capped queen cell and some capped drone brood in one of my double deeps. There are eggs present in many of the empty cells. Would you leave them alone, assume you kissed a swarm, or implement some swarm control measures? Last inspection was seven days ago and there were no swarm…
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