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What are the BEST DROUGHT resistent plants for my future bees to Collect Pollen on Fall and Winter?

I live in a mediterranean climate with a lot of pine trees, rosemaries, thymes, olive trees, etc. I will probably have bees next year and I would like to buy seeds of some plant that's gonna produce a lot of flowers (preferably on fall and winter) and that is completely resistant to drought and cold…
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First year keeper. Should I plan on ordering new bee packages over the winter, or are there other options?

I started with two hives as my first year in the hobby. Currently one looks like it is queenless with laying worker/s. I have tried to put some brood from my healthy hive, and just added a new queen. However, I know there is still a pretty good liklihood I lose the hive at this…
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Why can’t you move a hive to a warm spot for the winter?

Very new to this. I keep reading about bees surviving the winter (I’m in a cold climate). Why can’t you just move the hive somewhere warmish (small shed or something) and keep feeding the bees thru the winter? submitted by /u/BenTG [link] [comments]

Bees left to fend for themselves since last winter. What can I do?

My elderly neighbor died last fall. I overwintered his bees, but then his kids sold the property and I didn't have access. I finally met the new neighbor (he has it as a summer house now). He agreed to let me maintain the bees but then I broke my foot two months ago. I might…
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Might cry. Winter + small hive beetle. What to do? (NSW, Australia)

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First time harvesting honey and I want to make sure I don’t starve my colony in winter.

I have a full 10 frame super on top of 2 deep brood boxes. In the deeps I used foundationless so it's hard to estimate how much honey is in them. Some frames are partially drawn. If I harvest the super, am I going to be ok just feeding candy in winter to make sure…
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Telescoping vs Migratory for the purpose of winter warmth?

Western New York, USA. I have a 12’ long rail made of 2x6s that I keep my hives on. Last year was the first year I successfully overwintered and did it with two double deeps and hive wraps. As of now I have five hives with telescoping covers and canvas inner covers, plus one nuc.…
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Winter Honey Flow, outback QLD

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Lost my hive this winter and I think a swarm moved in?

I had a 4 year old hive that was not managed as often as I would have liked, took a travel job and trained my mom to look after them, but it just didn't work out. They also might have needed a new queen? Hard saying.. Anyways, I came back from a recent trip to…
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