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Smallest hive cluster to make it through winter

Hi all, In your experience, what's the smallest hive cluster you've had make it through winter? One of my hives was looking like it was about to collapse (I'm guessing from starvation) and had about half its population dead on the frames and bottom board. I did a emergency feed with some fondant. I'd estimate…
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Feeding Bees Apipasta Fondant Sugar In Winter

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Question about winter feeding

Hi. First year bee keeper here. I'm afraid my colony did not put up enough honey for winter, so I've purchased some winter feed / fondant. The directions say to place these patties directly on the top bars. My question is should I place them on the cluster itself or adjacent to it? Thank you!…
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Moving a hive ~40 ft in winter?

Hey y’all. I’m very new to beekeeping and have a question. Context: I have two hives in the apiary. Earlier in the year a swarm occurred and built an exposed hive in a tree about 40 ft away. We were able to bring the hive down and safely install them into a new hive at…
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Store Honey for Bees in Winter?

Hi All, First year beekeeper in MA here (zone 6b), and currently my hive is closed up for winter. They seem to be doing ok, but I was wondering about supplemental feeding in Feb to make sure they survive until spring starts. I have half a large bottle of Kirkland Raw Honey from Costco that…
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Tips for winter success

Made a new video that I think will be helpful, especially to new beekeepers. The topic is about getting your hives through winter, but has nothing to do with the usual ventilation or insulation. Mite counts, nutrition, and queens. Seeing posts on a regular basis here and elsewhere of people losing colonies. Hope this helps…
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Pretty sure bulk of bees got wiped by mites. I found my Queen and want to save her. I’m really worried she won’t make it through the winter.

Okay so I'm still learning how to navigate this app. Couldn't post any pictures. This is my 3rd attempt at posting to this sub. Hopefully you guys will be able to see it this time. Also this is going to be a long one skip to the bottom for a very short, less detailed version…
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Lost our hives this winter – trying to figure out what we did wrong?

Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some wisdom from more experienced beekeepers than myself. My husband and I had three hives this year, our first nuc from 2020 that we successfully harvested honey from early in the summer, and two nucs purchased this year (received in May). We're located in North Texas west of DFW.…
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How many bees will make it thru the winter?

As the title speaks for itself… Every other day I find more and more dead bees on my hive's entry point/shelf. I lift the quilt and candy board box to check on them, just a crack and I see them nestled in their cluster, but the winter has only just begun here on the east…
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