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We are grateful you are here

I was called about a swarm today, this is going to be a great week!

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I had a swarm today

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I apologize to the Better Bee employee that helped my husband today with our bee package pickup

The kind employee was trying to explain how the queen got out of her queen cage and my husband replied “yes, I know how it works – the bees eat her out”. Needless to say, there was an awkward silence after that. submitted by /u/veggycat [link] [comments]

Caught swarm yesterday, bees in NUC. Today it’s 40F.

Caught swarm yesterday, bees in NUC. Today it’s 40F- when should I transplant them to a perm home? submitted by /u/hagemeyp [link] [comments]

Accidentally caught a swarm today!

I can't believe this… I ordered my nuc last October (first-time beek here) and have been waiting for my nuc to be ready. I set my hive outside to A) get it out of the garage, and B) to have it ready for when my bees were ready. My wife calls me at work about…
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