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I’m treating with Formic Pro which requires removal of entrance reducers but I noticed robbing today. What do I do?

According to the instructions, entrance reducers must be removed to allow for ventilation during treatment. I'm doing the 20 day treatment, so after 10 days I swapped out a strip in each hive with a fresh one which is supposed to be there for another 10 days. This was yesterday. Today I noticed there were…
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A beautiful swarm I captured today

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When this post is 1 HOUR OLD, r/BeeKeeping will be hosting an AMA with Frank Mortimer author of "BEE PEOPLE", today, right here, at 12pm EST! Please get your beekeeping questions ready and offer him a warm welcome!

Hope you guys will join us for an AMA this Thursday, 4-22 at 12pm EST! (Lunch time, not the midnight thing!) So who is Frank Mortimer? He is the author of "Bee People and the Bugs They Love." Please give Frank a warm welcome and be ready with some great questions! You can put questions…
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