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Schooled again by the bees, this time: splits.

I just need someone with a ton of experience to pat me on the head and say it’s probably going to be ok. Short version: third year beekeeper ready to do some first time splits this season. My three hives are all healthy, overwintered, docile enough, queens are jacked, I want to grow. So I…
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First time needing a queen

I installed two packages – into Vino Farm style deep frame, super insulated, 'Bee Barns" – about 2 and a half weeks ago. I'm in the Northern end of the NorthEast US. Install went ok. The packages had queen cages with no sugar plug which I didn't know until I was in the middle of…
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How would people back in time attract hives to start beekeeping?

From what I know having bees/hive is the only hard thing about beekeeping. So how would people have attracted hives back in time? Now, you can buy a hive online! submitted by /u/gena8 [link] [comments]

Silly question time: is there any harm in feeding sugar syrup I let simmer long enough to caramelize a bit?

I got distracted, the syrup has a light brown tinge. Any harm giving them this? ​ EDIT: WHOAH. Thank you for saving me from disaster! submitted by /u/quietlifeintheforest [link] [comments]

It’s swarm trappin’ time here in San Martin California.

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Is this normal for a bee sting? First time I’ve ever been stung.

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first time doing a trap out cone, any advice?

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