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Are there any bee packages left?

New bee keeper: I think I’m too late, but I can’t find any nucs or bee packages for sale. I live in Cincinnati and everything online seems to be pick-up only. Any advice would be helpful. submitted by /u/CarrotFertilizer [link] [comments]

Is there a list of safe pesticides and insecticides for honey bees?

I have some hives on my property and I want them to be alright, but my home has a major carpenter ant problem and I'm trying to find the best pesticide or insecticide that would have the lowest impact on the bees as I can. Unfortunately, normal bait traps will not be enough for the…
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Silly question time: is there any harm in feeding sugar syrup I let simmer long enough to caramelize a bit?

I got distracted, the syrup has a light brown tinge. Any harm giving them this? ​ EDIT: WHOAH. Thank you for saving me from disaster! submitted by /u/quietlifeintheforest [link] [comments]

Is there an easy plan to make a functionable bee hive made from a non treated pallets?

My son and I want to make some hives. We live out in the country and want to just get started. I just don't want to spend a lot of money, and the business next to us has tons of pallets that they said we could use. So I am wondering if there is schematic…
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what is this bee doing? drinking water? there’s a pond right there…

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Is there a reason why boxes don’t interlock?

This is a newbie question, but I just got my first hive and put everything together and realized that everything rests on top of the stack except for the lid. It concerns me that wind will just topple it over. Is this a common thing, or do come unassembled hives have a latch or a…
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