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Hive in attic above light fixture in master closet. How to get rid of them?

As title states, there is an active hive in my attic – ongoing since June. The hive is situated directly above a ceiling light in the master closet. I don't want to go to war with them, but cannot risk my kids safety if they bust through into our living space somehow. I was thinking…
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Why would a beekeeper kill bees instead of leaving them?!

I had some bees swarm in my yard yesterday and they settled on a bush in my driveway. I called around and a beekeeper agreed to come collect them today since they were in an inconvenient spot. They said they would just collect them and take them back to their farm. Today I wasn't home…
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I placed my supers back on the hive following harvest so the girls could clean them out and then I could apply Apiguard. In three days they started filling the supers again. Now what do I do? The mite count has them over threshold and I really need to treat but can’t with the supers on.

As described. I have supers getting refilled by my bees but I need to treat them with Apiguard and can't do that with the supers on. What's the best plan of action here? submitted by /u/alldayoutside [link] [comments]

New guy with a pretty basic question here. I’m harvesting my honey tomorrow and as soon as the supers are off I’m going to treat for mites with Apiguard. I have never processed or treated before. What do do with the super frames after processing? Can’t put them back in with Apivar right?

So I guess it's a two part question. 1 Considering the mite treatment what do I do with the frames immediately after processing? 2 In general over the winter how should I store the super frames? THANK YOU! submitted by /u/alldayoutside [link] [comments]