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I want to get 3 honey bee hives for my 1 acre garden, will that be enough pollen for them?

I am planting an acre of garden (fruit trees, those are young and won’t be much for a couple years) flowers and mostly food plants. Both for pollination and honey I’d like to keep bees, I thought I would buy a hive or two and maybe leave a hive open for wild bees? Will my…
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Made 3 Swarm traps today! Tips on setting them come spring?

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PARTIAL or UNEXTRACTED FRAMES OF HONEY – WHAT TO DO WITH THEM Quite often at the end of the nectar flow, I would have several partially capped frames of honey. I was told to put all these frames in a super and to put this super on the "bottom" of a hive that was lightweight…
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I have always wanted to get into beekeeping. Every year a new swarm of bees arrives and sets up home in one of the several water irrigation boxes outside my place. How do I go about putting them into a beebox?

So let's say I get the clothes, the smoker, and everything. Is the next step to just go to the hive, prop open the lid, smoke em, slowly cut the comb out, put them in the frames, and then attach rubber bands around the frames to keep them secure for a while? Or should I…
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