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The tiniest swarm

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When it comes to small swarms, does size matter? In my last post, I wrote about those big beautiful swarms that get us beekeepers running out the door to catch them. In this post I’ll share what you need to know about catching a small swarm of bees.  Undersized Swarms When my phone lights up…
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How To Raise Queens From Swarm Cells | How To Mark Your Own Queens

  What Can Your Bees Die From This Winter? Hello From Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. I’m EAS Certified Master Beekeeper, David Burns. Our small family business continues to help educate and mentor beekeepers across the US. As always we appreciate your business so much, because bees are our only livelihood. It is so easy…
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Native bees just starting to swarm

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Live removal of swarm in a tree

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