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3rd swarm on 1 year old hive. Should I be concerned?

So this is my first year with a hive, and they have swarmed 3 times in the last 3 weeks. I am keeping the hive primarily for learning, not honey production. The honey is just a welcome bonus I’ll grab every once in awhile. So if I am not concerned with Indy production, should I…
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how many bees should I see in the hive entrance?

I installed a nuc yesterday. At the peak of the day, I see about 20-30 bees coming or going from the hive at any given time. (I have an entrance reducer on the smallest setting) I feel like I see more bee activity in Youtube videos I'm probably just paranoid….. but at the same time,…
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Ants in the beehive? How worried should I bee?

So, I put 2 beetle blasters each in 2 of my 3 hives. No beetles found (in either the hives or the traps, interestingly enough). But loads of ants. Almost exclusively in 1 trap per hive. Now, I've got Saskatraz breed of bees. These babies are like pacifist monks of the hinterlands. They quite literally…
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