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Queen bee has taken up shop in my letterbox, what should I do?

I came outside this morning to get the letter out of my letterbox and was met with about 100 bees swarming around it, all going towards a hole in the bottom of my letterbox. I think it's safe to assume that a queen bee decided that my letterbox would make a perfect hive, which obviously…
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Do I have enough honey or should I add supplementation? Also, should I insulate hive?

I have a deep 10 frame brood box topped with a deep honey box on top (its full and about 80% of it is capped). Do I need to add supplementation for the winter? I'm in bay area, california and the lowest temps we see are about 2 weeks of nighttime temps in the low…
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Entrance reducer enough, or should I put the mouse guard on too?

First year beek here. Ladies are looking strong and I feel good about my chances for them to survive the winter. I’m currently prepping the hive for winter. I’ve had a couple local beeks give me conflicting advice on whether to put the mouse guard on or not. I am in an area of Colorado…
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How should I prepare for winter?

I am a new beekeeper in Virginia and I am wondering what steps I should take to prepare for winter? Any help is appreciated, thanks! submitted by /u/Spenzei [link] [comments]

Should I combine hives? Mite biters.

I have two hives, northern hemisphere in the US PNW. One of them seems weak – no brood in any stages, limited stores, limited pollen packed away, queen chilling. There is, however, a sizable population of bees and the queen is alive. Should I feed the heck out of them and overwinter them as a…
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