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starting bee keeper question

hello im new to bee keeping i dont even have a hive yet but i would love to start i understand that starting is the pricey part but how much dose it cost to maintain bee hives? submitted by /u/spicyduck001 [link] [comments]

Equipment question

Spending the winter getting stuff together. So far I have 2 brood boxes completely set up and painted. Planning on 2 colonies, so I'm trying to decide for my next trip to the bee shop what else to get. I was thinking 8 medium supers and 100 frames and foundations for them, just to have…
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Question about repeat stings

Hi y'all! My dog was running through the yard a few days ago and had the misfortune of angering a bee that got her right under her tail. Now it seems like bees are targeting her, she's been stung multiple times! Is there anything I can do to help her out, it seems like she's…
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Hive stand question. See photos for questions

submitted by /u/mjsouther [link] [comments]

Maybe a stupid question

Ok I'm taking the leap and I'm gonna start keeping bees. I'm super excited and making all the plans and learning all that I can before spring. I'm looking around my property for the best location to put the hive(s) and I think I found it. It's flat, drains well when it rains, has direct…
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Planning first hives in Spring 2022. Question about placement and reducers.

I am in zone 7b. I will be having two hives in my backyard. I have a 3 acre lot so plenty of room. neighbors and neighborhood association have given the green light for the bees so no issue. My back yard has some significant trees, some quite large. there is a creek on the…
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Question about bee insulating/wrapping for winter

My hives are in SC, but very very close to NC. Is bee wrapping or insulating necessary at all for them? They seem crazy strong. I read an article to leave a honey deep with a sham (to cover the sham for cleansing flights, then I read to not cover it so they can have…
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I just found a wild colony on my property! The question is will the affect my man-made hive?

I am super stoked to find bees living in a hollow of one of our trees. They are roughly 250 feet away from each and have plenty of obstacles between them (house, workshop, chicken coop, other trees). I live on the Gulf Coast and there is plenty to forage right now. submitted by …
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Question about replacement queen

Hey everyone im just learning about bees and beekeeping before I start my own colony. I was wondering how the new queens mate after they replace the old one for example if the original queen stopped making female bees and the hive made some new queens and balled the original one, would the new queen…
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