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Question about starting beekeeping. I found a hive that needs to be moved.

I have been researching beekeeping for a year and there is a hive that needs to be moved this week. I’m looking at getting supplies at trying my hand at beekeeping. There is a hive in a tree that needs to be moved. The hive has been partially cut open in the tree trunk. I’m…
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question about propolises effectiveness in different forms.

i am just getting slowly into beekeeping and keep reading about fantastic qualities of propolis. while i was cleaning frames and prepping hives i collected some of it and really liked chewing it. my body literally said “yes, thats the shit, get some more”. been chewing few grams or more of it every other day…
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Question: Making a split

Hello, during my last inspection i must have killed my poor little queen. On Monday(almost 2 weeks after last inspection) i saw 4 frames full of lots of capped queen cells and no open brood. I want to make a split. The colony has plenty of capped brood, and pollen and food. quesitons: how many…
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Update and question

My update: I posted about my chalk brood almost a week ago and today I had a mentor come over and help me sort through things. We found my queen and decided it was a strong enough colony to not only split but also make a strong nuc out of it. All the credit goes…
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Queen cell question

I have a hive (20 frame layens) which swarmed within the week. During inspection today I found 4 open queen cells and 8 capped ones. I didn’t find a queen, nor did I see any eggs or open brood. I’ve read that emerging queens will kill other unemerged queens. Is that obvious? My cells seemed…
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Silly question time: is there any harm in feeding sugar syrup I let simmer long enough to caramelize a bit?

I got distracted, the syrup has a light brown tinge. Any harm giving them this? ​ EDIT: WHOAH. Thank you for saving me from disaster! submitted by /u/quietlifeintheforest [link] [comments]

Brood Chamber Question

One of my 2 colonies survived my first winter. The weather is getting beauty here now. Dandelions slowly coming out. I over wintered in 1 deep and 1 medium. I really fed them a lot in fall. When I inspected the other day I found there was basically still a full honey super up there…
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Frozen honey frame question …

I have around 40 frames of honey that I had on hives that I lost mid January. I stored them in freezer when it was still at freezing temps outside . All frames are capped honey. I did not put them in plastic and I’m wondering what my options are so I can extract to…
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Requeen question

Hello. Found one open queen cell mid frame, one capped queen cell at the bottom of the same frame. No visible eggs, no larva, no capped brood. Couldn’t find a queen. Hive light, probably 3 solid frames of bees. Plot twist – I have a queen coming Saturday I was going to use for a…
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