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Are VSH or OHB trait queen bees worth buying?

I’ve seen multiple websites say with their current stock they have not needed to treat for varroa mites. Is it a scam? Would be awesome if true. I’m looking for some insight if anyone has tried these hybrid queens out and how the hives have faired. Thanks! submitted by /u/Bubbly-Goat935 [link] [comments]

Queenless but queen cells – should I do anything?

I'm brand new to beekeeping and bought a nuc that I've had for about a month. I've been inspecting weekly (and feeding syrup). Unfortunately there isn't a local beekeepers association near me and I don't know anyone to ask for help! If it matters, I live in Scotland. Last week, I noticed multiple eggs in…
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new queen

After the third check and not finding the queen and brood now non-existent, I'm confident there's no queen. I'm going to introduce a mated one and hope for the best. Should have acted earlier but I guess I was worried about the queen being there and I just missed her. Anyway, any tips for feeding…
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Is it too late to play the Queen game?

I live in central Indiana. I have a hive that is weak and queenless. I have another hive that is very strong. Is it too late in the year to give the queenless hive a frame of eggs allowing them to create a new queen? Or, do I cut my losses and wait until next…
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Tips on adding mated queen to Queenless Hive

Hey all, so I have a queenless hive. No brood, no eggs, no larvae. 10 days ago there was a Queen Cell Capped and looking juicy, but it has yet to hatch. I put in a frame of eggs and brood from my stronger hive. They made a cup on that frame but it's empty…
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sudden queen loss after apiguard treatment (NC-USA)

First year keeper here. Started with 2 new packages and took on a nice swarm from a friend mid spring. Just inspected one package hive and there's no sign of queen anywhere (no brood/eggs/etc). Lots of bees/resources, but no queen. Timeline: 2x 8-frame deeps & 1 medium honey super. Was a new package and we…
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New queen gone or not laying?

I have 2 hives as my first year bee keeper. One hive is doing fine. The other hive has an issue. I wasn’t able to find the queen or see any capped brood, only drone cells and everything else was open or honey. I ordered a mated queen and installed her on the afternoon of…
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