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Queen bee has taken up shop in my letterbox, what should I do?

I came outside this morning to get the letter out of my letterbox and was met with about 100 bees swarming around it, all going towards a hole in the bottom of my letterbox. I think it's safe to assume that a queen bee decided that my letterbox would make a perfect hive, which obviously…
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Question about replacement queen

Hey everyone im just learning about bees and beekeeping before I start my own colony. I was wondering how the new queens mate after they replace the old one for example if the original queen stopped making female bees and the hive made some new queens and balled the original one, would the new queen…
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Queen bee mating flight video!

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Bear Attack. Dead Queen. Is my hive screwed?

On September 20th of this year I began varroa mite treatment for my hives and that same night they were attacked by a bear. I assume the removal of the reducer caused the smell of the hive to travel farther than it had before and lured the bear in. The smaller of my two hives…
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Weak hive struggling queen

I’m planning to combine these guys with another hive, but wanted to vent. I purchased a queen in July for this hive, and she never really took off. They superseded her pretty quick, and I found her replacement on the bottom board dragging her feet today. No brood, little stores, and has been propped up…
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