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Need some advice, I’m worried i made a winter error with my hives

I live eastern Canada for starters. So I got 2 hives this spring and I think I got given the wrong advice. I was told to add a second brood box for the hive to be able to be strong enough to get through the winter. I currently have 2 brood boxes almost full. Was…
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Need advice

I’m a first year bee keeper and I have 3 hives, one 8 frame hive with a deep + medium brood chamber and 2 10 frame hives with 1 deep brood box. I harvested the honey last week. After 3 days (cuz of rain) I went back to add a top feeder and treat with…
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How much honey do my bees need to survive the winter?

I live in west Texas. This is my first year with bees! We have one 10-frame deep brood box. We also have a medium 10-frame and deep 10-frame supers. How many medium/deep frames of honey are generally needed for the bees to survive the winter? I don’t want to take too much from them. …
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Need Advice/Recommendations

Hey everyone. So my wife and I are first time beekeepers who started back in March of this year. Everything has been going well up until two weeks ago. Our bees had two full frames of capped honey as of two weeks ago. We discovered wax moths last week and by the time we got…
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Hello everyone! I need some help with my silly bees

So, basically I was away from them for a couple of weeks because I was out of my country, another person was there for them but here summer has ended and they were preparing for winter so he had only to apply some treatment, I told him that inspection was not really necessary. And I…
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starting my first hive in the spring. what varroa-killing steps do i need to start off with?

seems like this varroa mite thing is a big deal for beekeeping and i'd like to make sure i start off on the right foot. (am taking a local class whenever registration opens up …) submitted by /u/barfy_shards_22 [link] [comments]

Found a queen cup with an egg, need advice.

Today I did an inspection after being on vacation for 2 weeks. On the very last frame I looked at there was 3 queen cups on the bottom edge of the honeycomb and one has an egg in side. I looked at every frame today, and it looks like their stores are down from 2…
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