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My hive gets hit by my neighbor’s sprinkler. Do I need to do anything?

For context, my neighbor has a sprinkler that stands a few feet above my hive, about 20 feet away from the hive. It hits my hive from the 10 or 11 o'clock position (when facing into the hive). I also have my hive "inside" of a pine tree so a lot of the water is…
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Multiple swarms this year already. Need help

I live in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. I was planning on following the 7/10 rule before adding supers but I've just had my second swarm of the year already even though my hives aren't close to fulfilling the 7/10 rule. Should I just go ahead and throw the supers on than? And why would they…
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Need help planning mite treatment timing/methods….have I already screwed up?

Hi friends! I recently decided to get back into beekeeping after a bad first experience a few years back. I was lucky enough to have hived 4 swarms in the past month. They are all thriving, but I am worried I've already screwed up in regards to mite treatments. 2 of the 4 swarms already…
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Relocating bees after making a split last week. Need advice.

So I'm in the process of moving but just made a split this past weekend. I need to relocate the bees roughly 100 miles from where I live now. However I fear I may be ruining the chances of the new Queens mating once fully hatched. Last I saw there were quite a few capped…
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In a top-bar hive, what angle do the side walls need to be at so the bees do not attach them to the bars?

What it says on the tin, really. Yesterday I made a post about a oil drum hive, and some of you raised the point that the side walls of the top-bar hive need to be sufficiently angled so that the bees treat it as the floor rather than the walls and do not attach comb…
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