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Bees are suddenly more aggressive

Hello, beginner in beekeeping here. I bought a hive a year ago and this is my first summer keeping them. So far it went well, but as of 2 weeks the bees are suddenly more aggressive and have even stung my dad multiple times when he was hanging the washing (the pole is about 6m…
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can i and if then how i can inspire my bees to make more bee bread?

i am not a big fan of honey but i love bee bread, chew on propolis and nibble on bee pollen. is there a way to have them to make more bee bread? submitted by /u/drkole [link] [comments]

nothing more beautiful than seeing this honey gradient 🧡

submitted by /u/jm08003 [link] [comments]

I’m running out of space…. but it’s a little bit more complicated than that ( I think).

Currently, I have two deep 10-frame brood boxes. One of the boxes has an inline feeder (19 total frames, 38 total sides). Of the 38 total sides, 29 of them are mostly full (I define this as "on a glance, there is more comb drawn than not). About 2 weeks ago, I put 4 Apivar…
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Colony Deaths – Need More Control of Varroa Mites

Area beekeepers want to see studies done on varroa mites, which are to blame for an increase in bee deaths Local beekeepers say the parasite is primarily to blame for ‘higher than normal’ losses Chris Kurys Beekeeping is more art than science, and that’s why recent die-offs of the insect are startling local apiaries. In…
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I need more experienced help pleasd

Will it hurt or hinder my bees progress if I move all the frames from one box to another? My OCD is no allowing me to put a clear coated cypress box on a painted pine box. My bees were mail order and they arrived on May 5th. Ive been steadily feeding them and they've…
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