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How long does it take to Cream Honey? (More in comments)

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Never mind the honeybee: Maryland researchers want more buzz over saving native bee species

Although honeybees have captured national attention in an effort to “save the bees,” some Maryland entomologists want to shift the focus toward native bee species that are in graver danger. Some native bee species, such as the rusty patched bumblebee, are truly endangered and often compete with honeybees to pollinate natural environments. Read more here:…
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Please tell me about sites and if beekeepers look for more land to use

Hi everyone, I'm not a beekeeper, but I have a parcel of land that I'd love to let a beekeeper use if that's something that can benefit someone. I have no idea if that would be a complete waste of time to try to offer it. (free use, written agreement saying this and that I…
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Is US Grade B Raw honey more raw than US Grade A raw honey?

(i live in cali) I recently read from several raw honey websites that Grade A raw honey isnt fully raw as it can only be pass grade a by being heated…but cant confirm this on usda site… do any beekeeper who sell grade A raw honey know if its heated to pass the grade A?…
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Why aren’t bees more aggressive when their hives are being moved?

Hi everyone, newb here. I've seen a bunch of videos from different folks that go out and saved hives or relocate them and in the process they seem to be pulling the hive apart and then placing them in containers. My question is, even if the bees aren't super aggressive, how is it that this…
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