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Is there an easy plan to make a functionable bee hive made from a non treated pallets?

My son and I want to make some hives. We live out in the country and want to just get started. I just don't want to spend a lot of money, and the business next to us has tons of pallets that they said we could use. So I am wondering if there is schematic…
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Made this Happy Bee Day cake for my pollinator-obsessed sister! 🐝

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Bought a hive four days ago that now has several capped Queen cells. We made a decision to let whatever happens happen but if someone has a better idea we’d like to know.

We bought our first hive four days ago — a complete hive in a single 10-frame deep. One of us is brand new; one of us kept a couple of hives for about 3-4 years a decade ago. They’re very active and very gentle. They’ve looked great from the outside. We went in for a…
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Does honey made from saffron pollen exist in the world?

I don’t mean honey with saffron mixed in. I mean honey produced from pollen from the saffron flower. There’s certainly fields of saffron in different parts of the world where it’s mass produced, that I assumed you’d be able to make this type of honey. If this exists… where can I buy some?! Does it…
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My 7 year old made me a "hive tree". He even marked the queen.💖

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Future computer chips may be made out of honey

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