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We are grateful you are here

I still feel like a child when I see bee stuff 😂

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Why would the bees build comb like this??

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Concerned with what looks like fighting outside my weak hive. Should I close it up or take other action? (Video)

I have been dealing with a weak hive that went queenless too long due to my lack of inspection. As a somewhat last ditch effort I added a small patch of capped workers from another hive, and put in a new queen. It has been about 5 days and the queen cage is empty. I…
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I’ve never seen a green bee like this before [Florida]

I am camping in Tomoka State Park and noticed this frequent visitor. When I googled “green bees FL” I got Orchid Bees but this looks different than those pictures. This has like banding stripes almost like a yellow jacket but not black and yellow. submitted by /u/TemporaryIllusions [link] [comments]

Just danced around like an idiot in my new bee suit.

Just so happy to start getting into this hobby 😊 submitted by /u/SlothRick [link] [comments]