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What is it like working in an apiary?

I have pretty major issues with social anxiety and mental health in general. Working in this field has always seemed really interesting and like something I could manage though. Could someone give me an idea of what it would REALLY be like and maybe what typical work place environments are like? From everything I've gathered…
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What’s the natural habitat of apis mellifera? Is it true that they prefer dark spaces like inside tree trunks or house basements ?

Someone told me that unlike other bees like apis dorsata they have UV vision so they avoid building hive in an open spaces. submitted by /u/Frequent-Map1068 [link] [comments]

I feel like I’m never gonna get stung

I've had bees since May 1st and in all that time the only stings I've received were on my leather gloves (not even close to reaching my skin) when I inspected on windy/cloudy days. But besides that they've been very gentle and I can stand right next to the hives and watch them go about…
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What does your dream apiary look like?

submitted by /u/highasscat [link] [comments]