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We just moved a hive/comb from inside a wall to a new bee house a few feet away from it.

I couldn’t spot the queen and there are still a good amount of bees where the comb was. Any chance they will move to the new bee house by themselves over the next few days? There are a lot more bees in the box vs where they were before. Do I need to go back…
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I just found a wild colony on my property! The question is will the affect my man-made hive?

I am super stoked to find bees living in a hollow of one of our trees. They are roughly 250 feet away from each and have plenty of obstacles between them (house, workshop, chicken coop, other trees). I live on the Gulf Coast and there is plenty to forage right now. submitted by …
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Getting attacked just standing near my bee hives

I went to go check on my bees today just observing them like I often do. I wasn't planning on going in to the hives themselves. I was standing maybe 6 feet away from them. Suddenly one dive bombs my face out of nowhere and immediately stings me on my eyelid! I promptly walked out…
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