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It’s too warm! Never had a swarm this late

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Queen died during a formic treatment. Still have 5 days left on the treatment. I’m assuming it’s not safe to introduce the new queen during the treatment?

I was lucky (situation considered) to find the queen on the hive stand when I went to check on them and she has obviously been stung. So, I guess I actually have a few questions: I can't inspect them for queen cells during the treatment, right? It seems like opening the hive would seriously mess…
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Pollination, It’s All About Timing

  It’s all about timing when it comes to pollinators The finely tuned dance between plants and their pollinators is essential   Timing is critical for pollinators to be successful. Plants must be ready with pollen when they get there.   “When the flower blossoms, the bee will come,” posits author Srikumar Rao. But what…
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