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Swarm moving into my patio swarm trap this afternoon!!

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What advice do you wish you knew before starting into beekeeping?

I have been reading all sorts of books and websites and watching YouTube videos as I get ready to get my first pack of bees. However, I feel like I've got to be missing something somewhere. What is your best advice? submitted by /u/Striking_Average253 [link] [comments]

Getting my bees to move up into new brood box?

We recently added a second brood box as the bottom is 90% drawn out.The hive looks healthy but they are not moving up into the new box after about a month. Do I let nature take it course and leave them bee 🙂 or is there a way to encourage them to move upstairs by…
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Got my bro into beekeeping, never seen him smile so much before!

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