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Inspection Tips

For the past week, my girls have been washboarding all day. Bc there are so many of these girls hanging out just outside, I am hesitant to break open my hive. It's a fairly new colony that I popped a 2nd brood chamber on there fairly recently, so I am not too worried about swarming,…
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Bee hive inspection & colony combine

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Swarm after inspection

Hi, I recently had a hive swarm an hour or two after an inspection, taking about half the bees with. Before the inspection they seemed pretty calm and no obvious signs of swarming. They had plenty of capped brood/eggs and what I think is plenty of remaining space. I did not see any queen cells.…
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Broke a Brood box frame while doing and inspection, what do i do?

Just as the title sudgests i broke a frame. Im currently working a double brood box and as i was about to pull out the 3rd to last frame in the hive (with frame claw) one of the nails gave loose. Luckly the frame wasnt even out of the box because it was still stuck…
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is that varroa destructor. it was on my suit after an inspection.

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