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Oh, honey! Just like this both sides. Can’t wait for the harvest!

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Is there a list of safe pesticides and insecticides for honey bees?

I have some hives on my property and I want them to be alright, but my home has a major carpenter ant problem and I'm trying to find the best pesticide or insecticide that would have the lowest impact on the bees as I can. Unfortunately, normal bait traps will not be enough for the…
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Honey extractors are the standard when it comes to harvesting honey, but you can harvest without one. One method of honey harvesting called ‘crush and strain’ offers a simple alternative. Keep reading to find out when and why I use this method, plus how I do it. What’s the Difference? Honey extraction allows the beekeeper to…
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Week Old Swarm Already Honey Bound???

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Active Beehives with Honey Badger Protection

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A simple method of maximising honey production while still making increases

The problem with splits is that you are effectively removing a large proportion of your your honey producing workforce. Essentially one large colony will likely be producing more honey than the two small/medium sized ones you have just created combined. There are methods like the Demaree which allow you to keep swarms at bay without…
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Deep fees too much honey

What should I do with deep frames with too much stores after winter. I want to use these for my NUCs but there isn't much room for the brood to be reared.. Just pop the caps and spin them out? It's likley sugar water honey submitted by /u/WebEcstatic7151 [link] [comments]