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Tree work near hives – give me your advice!

Hi all, I had a major tree fall about 25 feet from my hive. It’s near power lines and blocking my yard so an arborist is coming to remove it in 2 days. I want to cover up my hive so it won’t bother the arborists, who will be using chain saws. My current plan…
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lost both hives 😭

Sad. It's our first year, we had two hives. We maybe didn't do everything perfectly, but things seemed to be going so well. They were last checked just over a month ago and seemed like they were doing great per husband who checked them. Didn't take them out or apart, just looked in from top.…
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Are all honey bees you see in UK or other countries part of a managed hive or are some “wild” and have hives in woodlands etc

Love the idea of some sweet sweet honey kicking about in the woods somewhere. submitted by /u/C-Langay [link] [comments]

Need Help. Beginner keeper here given 3 hives without guidance

Here is the story. My wife and I were flirting with the idea of keeping bees in our garden few years ago. Was given all of the equipment but never got it all set up because we knew we would be moving that year (Hive box, suit/vale, smoker, ect). Here we are a few years…
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Recombining hives before the fall questions

This year I had exceptional success with both hives and one decided to unexpectedly go into swarm mood in late June. This forced me to do an emergency split and has left me with one more hive than I can legally have on my land. Does anyone have any advice on how best to recombine…
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Does anyone rent their hives from the landowner?

I recently responded to an ad for a bee yard manager & what the landowner actually has is 10 empty beehives with supers, fully drawn comb and an extracting room (in their house). He has no bees anymore & is too busy to keep them himself. I had a nuc in a box & not…
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Gross: 1 of my 3 hives has WORMS taking over

I'm not exactly sure what this is. I was seeing an uptick in small hive beatles and assumed the worms were their larval stage, but then I saw a full grown mealworm looking creature in there today. This was/is a laying worker colony on the decline. I've given up on the hive. Going through and…
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