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We are grateful you are here

My strongest hive that produced a lot of honey this year (I didn’t take any because it was their first year and everyone I spoke to in the Carolinas told me not to take any honey from the bees, so I didn’t).

The problem is, two of my hives (the beeweaver queen only has a brood and they never went to the top even though they had plenty of bees to go up top, I even put a really good wax (sorry, forgot the name) and they still wouldn’t go up. So I decided I would just…
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Hive dying

One of my hives is dying and I'm struggling with why. I thought maybe it's varroa because the telltale signs are there: stunted bodies, mites on the frames next to dead bees…But several also have their tongues sticking out. One that was pulled out of the hive today was dying with her tongue out. Is…
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Killing an over aggressive hive

I relocated a hive from a tree. Turns out they are very aggressive. I tried to requeen the hive and no luck. They are so aggressive that I’m worried about relocating them to the wild. I don’t want an unsuspecting hiker to be attacked. They are now closed up in a hive. What is the…
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Small hive beetle experience

hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone here has had experience with small hive beetles. if yes: when? what bees are you keeping, what did you do against the beetles and how are your bees now? I'm in Europe but it definitely won't take long until it arrives here and I'm interested to hear how other…
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A hive nearly killed itself because it hated cling film so much.

I gave the hive some fondant a couple of weeks ago, before shooting them up for the winter. It was in some cling film, but today there was a dead bee at the entrance and when I looked they had dragged it right through, down the ventilation tube in the insulation, through the one half…
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Hive collapsing

I have 2 hives, one has always been a littleweaker. The queen was not doing great and the colony replaced her. The new queen was laying eggs and doing ok.. ok not great compared to my other colony.. At end of summer I noticed mites on a handful of bees. I treated using apigaurd starting…
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Hive placement – Sunroom windows

I've moved my office to our sunroom which has many large windows. Is there an issue having my hive entrances facing my windows but 15' to 20' away? I'd not considered it a potential issue until a bird smacked the window near me yesterday. The room would be mostly dark after business hours with the…
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