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Hi all! I’m not a beekeeper myself but my dad has a problem with his hives and I figured I could ask for help here.

He wrote the problem down on a piece of paper and I’ll write what he wrote here. A queenless hive did not accept the new queen he got. The hive merged to a captured swarm hive, and now the honey super has filled with brood (mostly capped but some open). There’s lots of brood on…
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New beekeeper got an accidental colony… Help?

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Help!: Accidentally Feeding with Formic Pro

First, thanks to everyone who posts here. I look at this sub all the time but haven’t posted. Anyways, I have a hive that overwintered pretty strong. Mite count is low but I am doing a Formic Pro treatment prior to the honey flow here in Maine. It’s my first time using the product and…
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Multiple swarms this year already. Need help

I live in Western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. I was planning on following the 7/10 rule before adding supers but I've just had my second swarm of the year already even though my hives aren't close to fulfilling the 7/10 rule. Should I just go ahead and throw the supers on than? And why would they…
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Need help planning mite treatment timing/methods….have I already screwed up?

Hi friends! I recently decided to get back into beekeeping after a bad first experience a few years back. I was lucky enough to have hived 4 swarms in the past month. They are all thriving, but I am worried I've already screwed up in regards to mite treatments. 2 of the 4 swarms already…
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Bee Disaster! Help me figure out where I went wrong.

So this is my second year beekeeping in Arkansas. I have two hives with Russian bees and they had a ton of bees in them so I decided to try and do a walk away split with them. With one hive that had two deeps I took one off and placed it on a new…
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Plans for langstroth hive FRAMES. Help?

I need to build 60 frames for my first hive that I have build myself. I have access to a laser cutter and I would like to make use of it. I have searched the internet for BMP format frame plans with no luck. If I can whip out 120 sidebars for deep and medium…
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Help! Queen escaped during nuc install

Newb question. I was exhausted when I was installing a package of bees and 3 frames (with brood and bees) in a new hive today and the queen escaped while I was putting the candy in her queen cage. Should I: 1) Wait a couple days and check if she made it into the hive…
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