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I made an app to help determine the best time to inspect your hives. Would love to get feedback.

I am the creator of InspectNext, a beekeeping app to help you find the best time to inspect your hives. IOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1524702495 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.honeytech.inspectnext Easily view the Optimal, Viable and Inadvisable inspection times, as well as easy to customize. You are able to specify which exact conditions work for you, then the app will tell…
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I need a little help. We’ve found a beehive in the cavity of an external wall.

We've removed what we can, but a lot of honey has seeped through the brick work and is now coming out around an opening. Is there anything we can use to dissolve the honey? submitted by /u/Scrumble71 [link] [comments]

Plant ID Help

submitted by /u/THB_TX [link] [comments]

Can you help me figure out what happened? Italian bees abandoned the hive and left black frames

This is in a small operation with about 6 hives down by salt water if that matters at all and in coastal North Carolina. submitted by /u/HarrytheMuggle [link] [comments]

Can someone help with a bee sting reaction?

So 2 days ago I went in my car and a few minutes later noticed a yellow jacket in the passenger seat but it looked very wounded and was like limping around slowly and couldn’t fly. It stayed there until I got out of the car. The next morning I noticed a bunch of red…
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Help! My bees are attacking my neighbours

On Monday I did a big job with my bees because they are overcrowded and seemed ready to swarm. I took out 5 frames with bees and eggs and made a split. I introduced new empty frames into the lower box to give them more space so they could cool down. There were many drone…
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I need urgent help

My bees are close to swarming. It is hot (30 C) and both their boxes are full. I have a "grid" between 1st and second box. 5 full frames of honey in the upper box. I live in Mozambique so there is no chance of buying queens. If I buy new boxes and move already…
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Help me name my honey

Hi guys. I can never pick names for anything! Help! I got my first proper harvest of honey this year and now everyone wants to buy it so legally I have to label it. So of course I can't think of a name. A few bits of info which may inspire you. I keep the…
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Bee help!!!

I am not a bee Keeper but whenever I find exhausted and tired bees I walk home with them and get them back on their feet. Today I found a bumblebee who looked rather worse for wear. I took them home, gave them sugar water and noticed they had something stuck to them. It was…
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