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Have you seen this Lego beehive ??

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What do you wish you would have done different when prepping your beehive area?

I finally convinced my wife to get bees for our backyard. I’ve got my nuc coming Friday. I fenced off a corner of the backyard using welded wire and t-posts. I bought jasmine to trellis up the fencing to eventually cover it up. I also laid down weed barrier and mulch on top to block…
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Does the color of a queen have any bearing on her traits?

I recently made a split from my hive with an Italian queen who has the typical amber abdomen with a dark tip, and the daughter queen came out all dark. I've heard of other varieties of bees, like Carniolans, European dark bees, or Russian bees having particular traits, and that each variety has characteristic coloration.…
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I seem to have a hive forming in the garden.

Hello! sorry if this isn't allowed here, but in my boyfriend's nans garden there is a big hive forming in a bush with thousands of bees! there is also a hive about the size of a dinner plate, maybe larger I couldn't get a good enough look. I've seen videos in the past of people…
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Do you have a good guide to the types of cells I will see in a hive?

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