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My strongest hive that produced a lot of honey this year (I didn’t take any because it was their first year and everyone I spoke to in the Carolinas told me not to take any honey from the bees, so I didn’t).

The problem is, two of my hives (the beeweaver queen only has a brood and they never went to the top even though they had plenty of bees to go up top, I even put a really good wax (sorry, forgot the name) and they still wouldn’t go up. So I decided I would just…
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"Open" Dry sugar or Pollen feeder from a 5 gallon Bucket

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Do bees make honey from pine?

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Does bees make honey from marijuana plant?

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Can I fog a shed 20ft from my hives?

Sorry if this is an idiotic question, but I’m really hoping for a solution. I have a shed at the bottom of a hill and my hive is on the top of the hill. I store my chicken food and excess beekeeping supplies in there. The problem is that it is filled with very large…
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Rescuing a bee colony from a water meter

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