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Reusing wax month infested frames from last year, w/ picture of a frame

Last year one of my two hives absconded before winter. I noticed signs of robbing, looked inside the hive, took all the frames and hive boxes inside, and cleaned everything up. A lot of the frames had a lot of capped honey, but they also had wax moth. I put the frames in the freezer.…
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Incorporating deep frames and a medium nuc

I'm going into my second year here in southeast PA, and have a minor conundrum… Long story short, I started beekeeping last year; things went well for through spring and summer, but in late fall I didn't catch on to a varroa problem fast enough and lost the colony, leaving me with about 18 fully-drawn…
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Is this comb still useable for bees on these frames?

submitted by /u/sweatyshits [link] [comments]

Hive is only creating comb on one side of the frames. (More in comments)

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Plans for langstroth hive FRAMES. Help?

I need to build 60 frames for my first hive that I have build myself. I have access to a laser cutter and I would like to make use of it. I have searched the internet for BMP format frame plans with no luck. If I can whip out 120 sidebars for deep and medium…
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Is it better to rubber band comb to frames or melt it down and brush the melted wax on the frames?

I read that bees can be enticed into drawing out frames by rubber banding burr comb to the frames or melting it down and brushing wax on the frames. Which is better for encouraging them to draw out comb? My bees were reluctant to draw comb in the honey super last summer even though they…
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The bees aren’t drawing comb on the outer frames. Should I swap them with inner frames?

I was thinking that since they only draw the inner frames, I could swap the outermost frames with frames closer to the center and that would get them to draw out those frames. Is that a good idea? submitted by /u/scentofsyrup [link] [comments]