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I just found a wild colony on my property! The question is will the affect my man-made hive?

I am super stoked to find bees living in a hollow of one of our trees. They are roughly 250 feet away from each and have plenty of obstacles between them (house, workshop, chicken coop, other trees). I live on the Gulf Coast and there is plenty to forage right now. submitted by …
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Found a swarm. Can I start a hive?

Total newbie here, but have been interested in starting a hive. Just found out there are no regulations here in my city, so I thought that I could start a hive from the swarm I just found in my tree. Thoughts? It would be for hobby, not for business. Edit: bees not there anymore, I…
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Found Abandoned Active Hives

We planned on adding several hives to our new property (Niagara region, Canada) in the springtime, and learning about beekeeping over the winter. We just went for an explorative walk on the heavily overgrown part of our property out back and discovered approximately 10 (or more) very hidden, very overgrown, abandoned bee boxes. At least…
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