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Question about starting beekeeping. I found a hive that needs to be moved.

I have been researching beekeeping for a year and there is a hive that needs to be moved this week. I’m looking at getting supplies at trying my hand at beekeeping. There is a hive in a tree that needs to be moved. The hive has been partially cut open in the tree trunk. I’m…
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What kind of bee is this? Found at work, about an inch and a half long

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Found out the hard way my neighbor raises honey bees

I’ve been having scout bees come inside my attic and my house (due to walls being down). One occurrence was 3 weeks ago, we had them fly into our master bedroom. And the other occurrence was Friday, we had about 3 dozen scout bees come inside. A beekeeper came out and identified them as scout…
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Found a swarm!

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[X-post] Found this bee drowning in the canal during my trip to Hawaii

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