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Planning first hives in Spring 2022. Question about placement and reducers.

I am in zone 7b. I will be having two hives in my backyard. I have a 3 acre lot so plenty of room. neighbors and neighborhood association have given the green light for the bees so no issue. My back yard has some significant trees, some quite large. there is a creek on the…
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Good flowers for the bees 🐝 First timer here.

My niece wants to plant some flowers to attract bees to help them get food and save the planet. She’s just learning about these things at school. I promised to help build a section of the yard with flowers dedicated to her helping the bees. What are safe flowers for young children and good pollinators…
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First year of bees with SHB infestation before winter

TLDR; since they are winding down on laying new brood for the winter, could I move bees into one box and freeze all frames for one box then move them all back and freeze all the other frames? essentially kill all SHB in each box. So this is my first year keeping bees. We treated…
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