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Dead hive due to lazy mite control (I assume).

I noticed less bees active from this hive on warmer days than my other hive. Yesterday it was 63F and I saw no activity from this hive while there were many bees active at my other hive about 6 inches away. Opened it up and there were only 30-40 bees and the queen all dead.…
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Honey from dead hive

A client gifted me some honey from her (first) hive. A few weeks back, she was saying that all the bees had died. The honey looks fine, but I was wondering if it was 100% safe to consume. Any input would be appreciated. Unknown bee type. Ontario, Canada. submitted by /u/Hopkinsad0384 [link] …
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Think my hive is dead, but not sure, would love advice.

Hello! This is my first year keeping bees and I'm potentially being too alarmist about over-wintering them. I have a sinking feeling the hive is dead. We've had cold weather over the last few weeks, so I didn't expect to see them, but I've pressed my ear to the hive and can't hear any noise…
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My first Hive is dead, flipped over by someone or something. Really bummed about it.

So I got my first hive this spring, everything went great and I was really enjoying it and looking forward to next season. I checked on my hive just last week and everything looked good. Last night I went to go show a friend the hive and when we got to it the whole thing…
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Dead brood frame value

I lost a hive and now I'm cleaning.What should I do with mixed frames. There is honey + dead brood, or pollen + dead brood.I would like to keep the frames for other bees, but would they accept it with dead brood? Or should I cut it out. How to store it, so it doesn't…
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What is this?? Found in hollow head of dead bee

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