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Increasing numbers of dead brood at the entrance of our hive.

These are not adult bees and most are not fully formed. I just did an inspection and I saw eggs, larvae, and our queen. We have a 10 frame deep brood box and a 7 frame deep super. The brood box is pretty much full of honey, pollen, and brood. I would say the super…
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Half of Canadian Colonies are Dead

Canada’s bee colonies see worst loss in 20 years, explosion of mites blamed Warm weather in spring 2021 favored growth of parasitic Varroa mite that attacks, feeds on bees, expert says The Canadian Press Bees are seen on a frame from a hive in a Montreal backyard in 2016. Nearly half of Canada’s honeybee colonies…
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Lots of dead bees outside hive

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What type of bee is this? Found dead in front of my hive.

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Honey from dead out hives

Hey r/beekeeping I consolidated down from 4 hives down to 1 this season as my time is more limited this year for beekeeping. As a result, I have about 3 deeps of honey and partially capped nectar. I don't want this honey to be for human consumption as I've treated it with formic pro and…
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Thousands dead outside the hive, some still flying in and out. What’s going on?

I came out today to find thousands of dead bees at the front and inside of my hive. I checked them just 2 weeks ago and they were thriving. I do still see lots of bees flying in and out of the hive. I haven't seen any of the bees flying in with pollen. I…
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Dead queen?

If the queen dies in a new hive that has a full brood box (10 frames filled) will they produce a new queen? The reason im asking is that I think i saw her drowned in some water near my hive. submitted by /u/Notalib77 [link] [comments]