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Never mind the honeybee: Maryland researchers want more buzz over saving native bee species

Although honeybees have captured national attention in an effort to “save the bees,” some Maryland entomologists want to shift the focus toward native bee species that are in graver danger. Some native bee species, such as the rusty patched bumblebee, are truly endangered and often compete with honeybees to pollinate natural environments. Read more here:…
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Motion activated Halloween Beehive “loud buzz”

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Special Saturday – Catch the Buzz

Beekeeping Today Podcast (S4, E15) The podcast for the latest beekeeping news, information and entertainment for today’s beekeeper. Hosts Jeff Ott and Kim Flottum bring you interviews and commentary helping you become a more informed and knowledgeable beekeeper.  Visit their website for more episodes: beekeepingtodaypodcast.com

Catchy the Buzz- ELAP, Honey Bee Feed Transportation Cost

  USDA expands assistance to cover feed transportation costs   From USDA Farm Service Agency WASHINGTON — In response to the severe drought conditions in the West and Great Plains, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced its plans to help cover the cost of transporting feed for livestock that rely on grazing. USDA is updating…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- References to Bees and Honey in the three Monotheistic Religions

References to bees and honey in the three monotheistic religions By: Lillian Lake Bees and honeycomb. Shelby Cohron via Unsplash “Like a honey bee gathering honey from all types of flowers, the wise men search everywhere for truth and sees only good in all religions” (Hindu scripture Srimad Mahabhagavatam). The Hindus refer to honey as the…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- Commercial Pollen Subs Research

University of North Carolina Greensboro News Dr. Nicholas Oberlies Dr. Nicholas Oberlies (Chemistry & Biochemistry) received new funding from Project Apis m. for the project “Understanding the effects of commercial pollen substitutes and microalgae-based prebiotic diet additives on the honey bee gut microbiome and metabolome.” Beekeepers have become reliant on pollen substitute (PS) diets as…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- Royal Jelly is not the Whole Story

Royal jelly does not a queen make! What makes a queen? For bees, it’s long been believed that queenliness depends on a special diet of royal jelly—a milky white secretion of protein, water and fat that oozes from the heads of nurse bees. But a new paper shows the secret sauce to create a queen…
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CATCH THE BUZZ- It’s not the Glyphosate, it is the Inert Ingredients

Research surprise unveils how common herbicide kills bees Marc Heller, E&E News Reporter A buff-tailed bumblebee forages on a head of red clover flowers. Eduardo E. Zattara Many studies already claimed the nation’s most-used weedkiller was lethal to bees, but new research indicates its much-maligned active ingredient — glyphosate — isn’t to blame. Instead, the culprit…
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