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Transplanting Swarm to Brood 📦

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For langstroth users, 2 brood boxes or 1?

Question in title. Would love to know your decision making process for 2 brood boxes/deeps/hive bodies or 1 before adding honey supers. Please state your geographic region! I’m zone 7a. submitted by /u/Fun-Dentist-2231 [link] [comments]

New package, how long to capped brood

I installed a new package of bees into an old hive with old drawn comb that wasn’t the cleanest a week ago. When I got the package most of the syrup was gone and the queen wasn’t in her cage, the cork was sideways. Tonight I did the first hive inspection but didn’t see a…
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What can I do with dead brood frames?

I've got some brood frames from a hive that failed (not due to disease) with dead brood in all phases still in the cells; Is there anything I can do with them or best to just ditch the wax and salvage the frames? submitted by /u/TheYamManInAPram [link] [comments]