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Is it possible to prevent swarming by replacing brood frames with empty frames?

Hello! I’m interested in recreational beekeeping but this is not something that will be possible for me for a couple years at least. In the meantime, I’m just living vicariously through this sub! 🙂 I’ve thought of several reasons why beekeeping might not be for me, though, and the biggest is swarming. I wouldn’t want…
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Dead brood frame value

I lost a hive and now I'm cleaning.What should I do with mixed frames. There is honey + dead brood, or pollen + dead brood.I would like to keep the frames for other bees, but would they accept it with dead brood? Or should I cut it out. How to store it, so it doesn't…
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Will a robbing attack also attack the brood?

Yesterday I removed Apiguard from the hives. As instructed I smeared the remaining paste on the top bars. I also removed some nearly empty syrup feeders. I believe that having the syrup out may have triggered a robbing attack as I saw some activity at the hive entrance with wrestling going on. Today there a…
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Too late to add a brood box?

I live in north Alabama and have a hive with only one deep brood box. I’d like to add another, is it too late? Will it be bad to add it even if they can’t use it? submitted by /u/AppFlyer [link] [comments]

Drone brood in the top honey super.

During my last inspection into one of my hives, I found drone brood in the top honey super, what does this mean? Do they not have enough room? Are they going to swarm? Do I need a queen excluder? submitted by /u/EricDeFran [link] [comments]

Can you put brood frame with nurse bees from two different hives into one nuc? Spoiler, I did a silly…

Background: Southern Tasmania, Australia. Two overwintered ‘ideal’ langstroth hives. Both with two brood boxes, queen excluder and one full super going into winter. Crap weather, so first spring inspection was only three weeks ago. One hive was looking strong, the other appearing queenless (different sound/agitated, no young or capped brood whatsoever, but heaps of drones…
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Getting the bees to take super honey down into the brood box?

Hello! I'm a first year beekeeper and trying to figure out how to best prepare my hive for the winter. Apologies in advance if this question is dumb, I've been reading all day and mostly ended up with more questions than answers 🙂 I have a honey super on top of one deep box, and…
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Why do they occasionally uncap brood?

Checked hives today to remove apivar treatment and see how things are going. Lots of covered brood but occasionally a chewed open cap. We are talking maybe two cells on the frame. Still curious though, why would they be doing this? Didn't do a mite check today but before apivar was right at 3%. …
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Few New Brood

Just finished an inspection. 2 colonies, 1 Carniolan 1 Saskatraz. Both had a good amount of capped brood and plenty of pollen. Both had some honey/nectar, but not a lot. But neither had very many larvae/eggs. The number of bees made it hard to see, but I thought I would be see more. I am…
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