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Installed in cold weather, first check up: bees unresponsive

My bee package was ready for pickup on a relatively cold day, 45 to 50 degrees. I saw the forecast said the next week would be similar temperatures or colder, so I installed them immediately. I gave them plenty of sugar water, and a pollen patty. It started snowing about an hour after installation. A…
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How do you crush less bees?

Hi everyone, first year beekeeper here. I have this problem where when I lift the cover off my hive the bees LOVE to congregate on top of the wall facing the sun. Which is great because it makes it easier to check the frames, but the problem is when I go to put the top…
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Are my bees going to swarm??

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Schooled again by the bees, this time: splits.

I just need someone with a ton of experience to pat me on the head and say it’s probably going to be ok. Short version: third year beekeeper ready to do some first time splits this season. My three hives are all healthy, overwintered, docile enough, queens are jacked, I want to grow. So I…
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Bees are not drawing on the frame but creating comb

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Bees and the central air unit…

Why do i have about a dozen bees flying around the central air unit when it's going? Is it because one got killed and alarm pheromones are drawing others to this enemy? It's so bizarre. There are so many dead bees at the bottom of the unit. Swarm i caught today for bonus points https://imgur.com/a/zTOFno5…
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