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New beekeeper got an accidental colony… Help?

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What is this bee-havior? (Accidental new beekeeper)

Hullo, I've accidentally adopted several thousand bee children after coming home from vacation to find a feral hive had taken up residence in an empty plastic bin in my yard. I have an experienced beekeeper coming over Thursday to tell me if I have the right kind of space to hive them properly and keep…
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New Beekeeper, hive is not doing much, first inspection

New here (2 hives) and did my first hive inspections packages were installed 12 days ago, first hive(italian) was doing fantastic had almost 4 foundation frames drawn out, saw plenty of larva and capped brood already – doing great 2nd hive(carniolan) is were the problem and question lies, they had done practically nothing, one side…
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Rudy Gobert is a beekeeper 🍯 🏀

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