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Have you seen this Lego beehive ??

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What happens during a state beehive inspection

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painting the beehive

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What do you wish you would have done different when prepping your beehive area?

I finally convinced my wife to get bees for our backyard. I’ve got my nuc coming Friday. I fenced off a corner of the backyard using welded wire and t-posts. I bought jasmine to trellis up the fencing to eventually cover it up. I also laid down weed barrier and mulch on top to block…
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Ants in the beehive? How worried should I bee?

So, I put 2 beetle blasters each in 2 of my 3 hives. No beetles found (in either the hives or the traps, interestingly enough). But loads of ants. Almost exclusively in 1 trap per hive. Now, I've got Saskatraz breed of bees. These babies are like pacifist monks of the hinterlands. They quite literally…
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A Guide to Beehive Entrance Management

Bees in the wild make good use of whatever entrances to a space they can find. In the managed environment of our own beehives, however, entrance management is an important skill beekeepers can utilize. From the width of an entrance to their location and number, how your bees are getting in and out of the…
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How much work is keeping a beehive?

My family house is vacant at the moment, but would love to put a hive in the garden. Is this something I can do, set it up, and leave it be? Or does maintaining a healthy hive take regular work? submitted by /u/Fanof7 [link] [comments]

Abandoned beehive in our garden shed…

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