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Anyone care to ID this for me? Is this a Bahama Honey Bee?

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anyone know an alternative to Fisher’s Bee Quick?

I love the stuff but it's stupid expensive. We buy it by the gallon for hive removals. Are there any alternatives? I've found some other products that are cheaper and say the same description but I want to make sure I'm not getting an inferior product. submitted by /u/Kilroy1138 [link] [comments]

Anyone know what type of bee this is? Just stung my sister.

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Is anyone interested in using my Android app for hive and apiary management?

Hello everyone, 😃 I am Andrej and I’m a high school student from Bosnia & Herzegovina. My father is a beekeeper and I decided to make an app to make it easier for him to work with his apiary and hives. The app was built around his needs and all the features tend to make…
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Does anyone know a good source to find different pollen colors associated with plant species?

I’ve always been intrigued by blue pollen so I’ve been looking up plants that produce blue pollen but I also want to make sure that they’re indigenous to my area (CA). I haven’t found a good source for such information, does anyone know of a site that could help with this or does anyone know…
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