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Does anyone have advice on encouraging a swarm of honey bees to move from my wall into a nearby beehive?

A swarm of honey bees moved into my wall yesterday. An empty beehive was placed nearby and the person who put it there said there was a sweet smell in to to attract the bees. I was wondering if there was anyway to make them more likely to leave my wall and move to the…
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Anyone keep hives for the sake of the bees rather than for the honey?

Been curious about this for a minute, but I'm not all that interested in the relatively small quantity of honey you'd get from a few hives. We're in a pretty rural area in Florida where I think they'd do really well, but I almost never see bees around; 95% digging wasps, 4% bees, and 1%…
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Mostly white honey bee found in Eastern Washington. Can anyone ID?

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Anyone in OKC want a new colony?

I found a decent sized hive in my backyard today in a pecan tree. I don’t want to exterminate them, so if you know a beekeeper in Oklahoma that would like to come get them, please let me know! submitted by /u/humanoid-surprise [link] [comments]