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I got stung by a bee on my foot yesterday, and today after walking for a bit I noticed its very red and swollen

I tried applying some cream on top of it called "Diprogenta", but it doesnt seem to be working. It itches a lot, and I cant walk cause it hurts. Is this normal? submitted by /u/Extension-Weekend164 [link] [comments]

How long should you wait after bee removal for the remaining bees to clear out?

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I had a massive 4x3x1 foot honey beehive taking up residency in a shed next to a fence I was repairing. Talked to the homeowners, had them call a bee removal service, but now there is still a massive amount of bees left in…
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Do wild bees reuse hives after each winter?

There's this dope huge beehive near my apartment. It's now getting colder in New Jersey so I don't see any occupants. I want to take this hive to decorate my man cave. But my heart won't permit me if the bees will reuse it next spring. Does anyone have knowledge on this matter? Thanks in…
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My hive disappeared in one week after waxy moths showed up

I checked my hive which was thriving and 10 days later the bees were gone and I found waxy moths on the bottom board. None in the comb and no honey. Do you think the bees went to another hive? submitted by /u/medicinewoman1 [link] [comments]

What to do with frames after freezing

I lost my hive to hive beetles. I froze the frames but now I'm not sure what to do with my frames. I saw some Bees snooping around my old hive. Should I put the frames back in the hive for a swarm? submitted by /u/A500miles [link] [comments]