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Mentorship advice.

Hello all, I just ordered the book Backyard Beekeeping by David Burns, to begin learning about bee husbandry. I'd like to do some mentorship under beekeepers in my area, do any of you have advice on what to look for in a mentor? Any input would be much appreciated, thank you for your time. …
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Tree work near hives – give me your advice!

Hi all, I had a major tree fall about 25 feet from my hive. It’s near power lines and blocking my yard so an arborist is coming to remove it in 2 days. I want to cover up my hive so it won’t bother the arborists, who will be using chain saws. My current plan…
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Really need help and advice.

I stored 5 gallons of honey I harvested after the flow in my shed. It has a AC unit, so set it to 70 to keep it cooled, before bottling. I messed up here by not checking in on the shed. The ac failed and has been bowling hot air. I came in and it…
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Needing some advice

I went out for a peek at my hives tonight only to find one hive with many dead bees outside. Pic in the comments of upper frame. This hive has been strong all year. All the honey is gone and it seems the remaining bees moved in to the hive next door. Last inspection on…
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what should I do? any advice please!

I collected a nest from someones chimney 2 days ago and put them in a 6 frame poly nuc with some capped brood, drone brood, newly drawn comb, pollen ect… Just a mixture of everything that was in there. However, when getting home and going through the frames multiple times I can't for the life…
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Any advice for aggressive bees?

My brother is keeping some hives on my property the last couple of years and I've never had a problem being around them. Even mowing near by they always just kept to their business and I've kept to mine. But he just did a harvest and suddenly I have a bee chasing me around my…
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Hive removal advice

I’m new here so if this isn’t allowed please remove. I’m looking for hive removal advice or assistance in Northern Michigan. This is a very new hive, with an entertaining point at the bottom of wood siding on a building wall. I’ll photograph and attempt to identify the species tomorrow. I’m trying to avoid using…
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SWARM UPDATE: advice needed

Hello friends! Yesterday I posted a video of the swarm I captured. Unfortunately, they have since absconded the hive I homed them in 😢 I’m going to explain the exact steps I took and would appreciate feedback so in the future I can retain caught swarms! was informed by neighbor in afternoon it was around…
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Advice please

Hello All, Can someone tell me if it’s correct that I DO NOT need to install the queen excluder or the bee escape board, if I don’t plan to harvest honey. Thank you! submitted by /u/thefilthyfarmgirl [link] [comments]