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Bees trying to make a home or cemetery in my worm farm bin. Advice?

Yesterday while I was out a horde of bees decided my DIY worm farm bin is a good place to die or to make a home. When I came home , there was a bunch of them dead inside my worm farm bin. Some are still alive. Pictures are here. https://imgur.com/a/QyZ0BTk I made the bin's…
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Does anyone have advice on encouraging a swarm of honey bees to move from my wall into a nearby beehive?

A swarm of honey bees moved into my wall yesterday. An empty beehive was placed nearby and the person who put it there said there was a sweet smell in to to attract the bees. I was wondering if there was anyway to make them more likely to leave my wall and move to the…
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Might be swarming – any advice?

Hello- we have layens hive, treated with hopguard 3 today. Tonight they appear to be heading out of town. Should we scoop them back into the empty side tonight and shut the door? Queen is marked, but not sure if we can find her tonight in the dark. Any other ideas? Flagstaff, Arizona (low today…
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Need some advice, I’m worried i made a winter error with my hives

I live eastern Canada for starters. So I got 2 hives this spring and I think I got given the wrong advice. I was told to add a second brood box for the hive to be able to be strong enough to get through the winter. I currently have 2 brood boxes almost full. Was…
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Leaf cutter pheromones advice

I am interested in increasing the habitat and population of bees on the native bush in our property. Living in New Zealand there are plenty of wonderful plants that the leaf cutters are attracted to (Manuka, five finger). We bought one of those kits that are advertised on Facebook and it was relatively pricey and…
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Need advice

I’m a first year bee keeper and I have 3 hives, one 8 frame hive with a deep + medium brood chamber and 2 10 frame hives with 1 deep brood box. I harvested the honey last week. After 3 days (cuz of rain) I went back to add a top feeder and treat with…
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Can I keep bees in my backyard? Advice? (Inglewood/Los Angeles)

Hi all! I’m located in Inglewood/Los Angeles area and I was looking for advice. My beekeeper friend in Iowa is wanting to drive his bees to keep them here at my home, in the backyard, for the winter. Is there anything I need to do to register with the city/county? Are there any guidelines I…
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Beeginner advice?

Hi there, I have taken an interest last winter in starting my own hive(s) in the future. I have bought a couple books, watched YouTube videos on bee keeping and follow here now trying to take in everything I can. I plan to take the leap next year and give it a shot. I live…
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