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Are the about to swarm

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Are they about to swarm?

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Question about starting beekeeping. I found a hive that needs to be moved.

I have been researching beekeeping for a year and there is a hive that needs to be moved this week. I’m looking at getting supplies at trying my hand at beekeeping. There is a hive in a tree that needs to be moved. The hive has been partially cut open in the tree trunk. I’m…
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What kind of bee is this? Found at work, about an inch and a half long

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question about propolises effectiveness in different forms.

i am just getting slowly into beekeeping and keep reading about fantastic qualities of propolis. while i was cleaning frames and prepping hives i collected some of it and really liked chewing it. my body literally said “yes, thats the shit, get some more”. been chewing few grams or more of it every other day…
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Is this bee activity something to be concerned about?

I'm new to beekeeping. I live in central Texas. I just got two nucs and installed them in hive boxes yesterday around 11am. The last two evenings I've seen a lot of activity outside the hives. This video was taken about 7pm. I've seen them do this a few times since yesterday and then they…
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New to beekeeping. Are my bees about to swarm?

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