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Question about bees and light.

Hi, I'm a light designer that knows little about bees. I'm currently creating a light plan for a roof terrace that has bee hives in a corner and recreational areas on the rest of the terrace. So my question is, is there a light temperature that will be less disruptive to the bees if it's…
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Please tell me about sites and if beekeepers look for more land to use

Hi everyone, I'm not a beekeeper, but I have a parcel of land that I'd love to let a beekeeper use if that's something that can benefit someone. I have no idea if that would be a complete waste of time to try to offer it. (free use, written agreement saying this and that I…
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Question about supers

I have a question about supers. I am located in Texas, near Houston. I had some supers on my strongest hives for the fall honey flow, but the but they didn't end up filling the supers. I'd like to take the supers off but what should I do with the stores that are in the…
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My first Hive is dead, flipped over by someone or something. Really bummed about it.

So I got my first hive this spring, everything went great and I was really enjoying it and looking forward to next season. I checked on my hive just last week and everything looked good. Last night I went to go show a friend the hive and when we got to it the whole thing…
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Question about winter

So I live in Alabama. The weather has dipped between 72 average of 50 throughout the day and below freezing some nights. Today was warm so I checked my hive and saw no eggs. Is it normal for the queen to have stopped laying eggs this time of year already in these parts? submitted…
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Question about food for wintering

This is my first year beekeeping on my own, and in my memory and my notes I have instructions for making a honey/ sugar mixture for the winter and putting it in a produce baggy with holes in it as winter feed (this was from a hands-on class with very experienced beekeepers). But when I…
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Questions About Wintering a Large Hive

So I recently combined two hives and it is now made up of four deeps (relatively full). Should I condense or just try to keep them warm another way? Also the bottom board has the wire mesh, rather than solid wood. Should I close that up and if so, how would you recommend doing it?…
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