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Swarms in the Midwest

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Swarms in the Midwest

I’m fairly new at this beekeeping thing, so bear with me.

*In point of fact, my bees have not yet shipped, but instead are due to arrive in about a week.

I’m reading everything I can get my hands on concerning bees, and I weep at how swiftly my Audible credits are vanishing, like so many grains of sand in the wind. Beekeeping for Dummies was excellent, as was Bee People and the Bugs They Love. Frank Mortimer is a delightful writer, and a friend gave me Walter Kelley’s How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey, as well as a few others. Etc.

The research goes well. So, naturally, I’m at the point of calculating whether or not this could be a viable business venture if I happen to like it, and I’ve come to a few (more than I can easily fit on a page, but we don’t have time for all of them here) questions.

I’m curious about swarms. To those of you who take on the challenge of addressing a swarm, why do you do it? Someone has to, of course, but it could be someone else. How often do you get calls to come handle a wild swarm, and what do you pack for the occasion? How many have you caught in a season?

For context, I’m living in Southern Illinois, close to St. Louis. I plan to move out West in a few years, though, either to southern Colorado or northern Arizona, and would also appreciate insight from that corner of the world.

Many thanks.

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