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SWARM UPDATE: advice needed

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SWARM UPDATE: advice needed

Hello friends! Yesterday I posted a video of the swarm I captured. Unfortunately, they have since absconded the hive I homed them in 😢 I’m going to explain the exact steps I took and would appreciate feedback so in the future I can retain caught swarms!

  • was informed by neighbor in afternoon
  • it was around sunset by the time I showed up with my gear to get the swarm
  • I got the cluster into my box, 100% got the queen
  • I left the nuc box with the cluster in the tree they were in with an opening. I came back in a few hours after dark to close them up and take them
  • they stayed in the nuc box all night and into morning, as I needed to purchase new hive materials to hive them. Bee store didn’t open until 10am. Hit them with some sugar syrup to feed them in meantime
  • Constructed new hive with new materials, all frames were plastic foundation with wax coating. Did not give them any comb or brood.
  • gave them 2 frame feeders and pollen patties + entrance reducer
  • dumped them into the deep hive body. They initially all wanted to march out and check out their surroundings but they seemed like they were going to stay put as the queen was inside
  • a few days later, they are gone and the hive is full of robbers.

What went wrong and how can I avoid this in the future?

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