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Swarm stings vs. Hive stings

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Swarm stings vs. Hive stings

Anecdotally, the two or three stings I’ve gotten around full hives during inspections have swollen up huge and itched fiercely for days, leaving visible markings after they healed. But the three stings I got in a swarm collection and one from a new package I was installing didn’t – never got bigger than a quarter and healed quickly.

I’m wondering if there’s any research behind venom composition in swarming bees vs. bees guarding a hive and laying queen. It seems logical that bees with something to guard might have a more potent venom cocktail than bees looking for a home.

I’d also guess being gorged on honey (in the case of a swarm) affects their ability to sting.

What say you? 🐝

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