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Swarm or Supersedure

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Swarm or Supersedure

I have a hive that has 2-3 capped queen cells on the center of a few frames and then had 2 capped queen cells along the bottom of another frame. Typically I would think the hive is preparing to swarm so I found the queen and and was planning on doing a controlled swarm but when I found the queen she was still actively laying. Fresh eggs and saw her still placing eggs. My understanding was she stops laying once the cells are capped.

If it's a supercedure and she continues to lay eggs it shorten the brood break while the new one is out mating but if it's a swarm then I will loose the queen and half the bees. So kind of at a loss here.

Some other details. She's the original queen that came with the nuc last year because she is still marked. I marked her myself after I got the hive so minimum this is her second year but she could be older. I'm located in upstate NY. This hive has been about 3 weeks ahead of my other hives.

Do you think it would be best to split the hive to ensure I have the queen and majority of the bees or allow them to continue as is incase it is a supercedure?

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