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Swarm cells in queenright hive that was established from a nuc 4 weeks ago

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Swarm cells in queenright hive that was established from a nuc 4 weeks ago

Hi all,

First time beekeeper here. Let me explain my set up so hopefully I can get some advice.

This colony was made from a nuc that came with 5 fully drawn frames that were a mix of brood, and food. I added 3 empty wax coated plastic frames.

I have been inspecting about once a week, first just to make sure the queen made the transfer and lately just to get use to the process and learn more about bees.

Anyway, today I went to do an inspection on my hive that is still just a 8 frame deep and found 4 or so swarm cells, one being capped. Of the three new frames, one has been completely drawn with brood cells (both capped and larvae), the other is food and the third one is mostly food but isn't completely drawn out.

The queen was confirmed to be there today and seemed healthy to me. She was moving around a brood frame and looked like she was checking the few empty cells left in the frame.

I panicked there were swarm cells and decided to cut them all out. The only thing I could think is the queen didn't have enough room to lay anymore and that is why the swarm cells were formed. I decided to put on the medium super with 8 empty wax coated plastic frames in hopes that the additional room would allow the bees to create many more cells for the queen to lay and to hopefully prevent the swarm.

Does anyone think this will work? Thanks!

Edit: I only have 1 hive otherwise I would have done an artificial swarm.

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