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Strange queen cell found in hive after winter

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Strange queen cell found in hive after winter

So as I was performing my first spring inspection and I came across a weird capped queen cell in one of my hives.

For context, this hive was one of my weaker looking hives last fall. It overwintered with two deeps and a super (was worried they didn't have enough stored up in the deeps so I didn't harvest it.) When I inspected it, the brood had moved up to the super and the queen had started laying up there. Not the strongest laying pattern in my opinion, but I'll take what I can get. As I continue my inspection, I find the weird queen cell in the bottom deep. I was pretty suspicious of it cause there was no evidence the queen had been down there this spring and my other hives had barely even begun to think about building queen cells. So I decided to destroy so I could look at the larvae inside. It was a pretty strange almost sickly looking grey and was pretty slimey for a larvae (really wish I had thought to take a picture of it). My theory is that it was supposed to replace the current queen, but winter hit before it could hatch and the hive more or less abandoned it.

TL;DR: Found a weird capped queen cell which appeared rotten in an over-wintered hive. What the heck happened?

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