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Strange beehaviour – through doorways.

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Strange beehaviour – through doorways.

I finally have a hive of buckfast bees in my backyard after 15 years of research and want and looking after other peoples bees.

They are mostly calm till I mess about with the hive as per normal, so I am doing my first inspection and rotating racks to the benefit of the direction the queen is heading and all that good stuff, considering it is on a new hive set up and admittedly I am getting a bit mobbed.

Now I don't use smoke as a matter of principle, I use a sugar water mix in a spritzer bottle (better for the bees my lungs and the environment.) Anyway I left it in my shed which is right next to my hive, it has nice big barn doors so a 5ft wide entrance with one open.

So getting a bit fed up of being mobbed I decide to nip into the shed to get my spritzer and I turned around to see a 5' by 7'.5" wall of bees in the doorway and when I look about the shed there are maybe 2 bees second guessing themselves before also joining the the rest just at the door. Like a wall of bees refusing to enter.

I walked outside and back to getting mobbed, so I walk about the garden observing them and the back into the shed slower this time and watched the line of bees at the door forming as they refuse to go in as I entered again.

I also tested this walking into my house as I can partition my hiuse off from the back door area, same thing again.

I have seen a lot of strange things with bees, bearding, dancing, orienterring flights, robbing, consistant flight trajectory and speed but in all my time beekeeping I have never seen this behaviour.

Anyone got any clue what is going on here, maybe if you have a hive near a doorway you can teat this too.

Very strange.

TL:DR Bees don't like doorways

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