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Straggler bees not moving to new hive location, Normal?

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Straggler bees not moving to new hive location, Normal?

So we had a swarm get inside one of our walls last summer and we had them live there over winter until when we could afford to move them to a hive. So we did just that this weekend.

We hired a professional to take the comb out and frame them in our new hive and put it in our garden. He said it was the biggest hive he ever took out with over 60k bees and over 5 feet deep of comb in our wall. All was good after that, they gave us some honeycomb and said he got the queen in the new hive safe with enough honey to last them the winter.

But here we are 3 days later and the old hive entrance in our wall is being swarmed 24/7. We sprayed water with peppermint oil and then bleach to no avail, is this a normal response and will they eventually all go to the new hive location about 100 feet away? They are buzzing all about outside and i keep getting divebombed when i walk by, but not stung yet.

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