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Store Honey for Bees in Winter?

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Store Honey for Bees in Winter?

Hi All,

First year beekeeper in MA here (zone 6b), and currently my hive is closed up for winter. They seem to be doing ok, but I was wondering about supplemental feeding in Feb to make sure they survive until spring starts.

I have half a large bottle of Kirkland Raw Honey from Costco that has crystallized, and I'm wondering is that ok to give to them as a food supplement? Reading online it doesn't sound like I should do that, but if sugar cakes are made with store bought sugar, aren't I just trading one processed sucrose for another?

Regardless, open to any advice on when and how to feed them a bit more. They swarmed in Aug and did a good job recovering, but I'd say there were probably closer to 40lbs of honey going into winter, so I am almost certain they will need some supplemental nutrition to make it through.

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