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Stagnant hives?

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Stagnant hives?

I just completed my first inspection since the heat wave began, and found that one of my strong hives has shrunk so much that I needed to remove the honey super. My weak hive has shrunk from living on 4 frames to 2, and I couldn't really get into my strongest hive, as they've completely glued up the super and the hive body. But they haven't built out any comb on the super yet, despite their explosive growth at the beginning of the year, getting to 9 frames in 2 months.

I'm hoping that it's just an issue of the heat, and they'll be fine once it subsides, because I've actually not even seen small hive beetles, which used to be a problem. Although I still spot these darned ants all over the place.

But I've been told that there are people who keep bees in the desert. So I am not sure that's the issue. They are a Saskatraz breed from a farm here in Texas.

I'm not sure what I can do. Should I put out some pollen patties, since the plants have been shriveling up? (Not in my garden, but I'm unsure if my garden is far enough away for the bees to visit, at only 400 feet away. I've not seen them doing so.)

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